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YOU WON’T BELIEVE how this DOG looks after shaving all these dreadlocks

What a mild mannered dog. No growling or bitting. This dog is showing that it needs to be cared for and helping him.
Parabéns pela atitude, o mundo precisa de mais pessoas como você
He was by far the most calmest & most loving dog I’ve ever seen. His little paw to say thankyou after the bath….😍 I’d love him forever. Xx
Você realmente é uma alma de luz …ajudando esses animais que só querem carinho só sinto admiração por você parabéns
It’s really sad to see a dog like this and it must be so uncomfortable with the fleas on its body. Thank you for grooming this dog (which is more than just grooming), and the lady who decided to adopt it and give it another chance – truly kind-hearted!
the calmness of the dog makes me think he has been groomed before…. he looks like he’s been patiently waiting for this hair cut.
I love how gentle and tender she was with him. You can really feel that she’s a loving and kind hearted person from those little interactions she had with him while she was grooming him.
Extraordinario trabajo de está veterinaria, su amor y atención por brindarle una mejor calidad de vida a este perrito está a la vista, orgullosos deben estar la familia de esta persona que aparte de ser una super veterinaria es una tremenda profesional dedicada totalmente a rescatar a mascotas en estas condiciones, felicitaciones desde Santiago de Chile.
May God Bless you all for doing this. The handlers were so kind and gentle while shaving the dog and the dog was so calm while they were doing it. It must have felt amazing to him to be rid of all the bugs and matted hair. I can’t thank you enough for all the help and love you gave him. Do you have an update on how he is doing now? Has he been adopted? <3
This made me cry. No dog should ever have to live like that. You can tell this poor puppy enjoyed every moment of this groom. You’re such a kind person for doing this for this sweet baby.
Wao llore al ver ese animalito en esa condición,son animalitos que lo brindan es amor incondicional,le escribo desde Santo Domingo República Dominicana
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